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Update 11th November 2019

MP07_0166 Modification 8 - Wahroonga Estate Concept Plan

Back in June 2018, there were 112 submissions objecting to Modification 8 to increase the height and mass of the 200 units behind the Wahroonga Adventist School. The NSW Department of Planning and Environment has now submitted it's Final Assessment Report for MOD 8 to the NSW Independent Planning Commission for review on the 5th October 2019.

IPC Public Meeting

There was an IPC Public Meeting on the 7th November 2019, where 11 community members spoke to the IPC Panel objecting to Modification 8 at the Ku-ring-gai Town Hall. They represented local residences, the Wahroonga Adventist Church, Fox Valley Community Church and parents from the Wahroonga Adventist School.

Submissions Objecting to MOD 8 Close 5pm 14th November 2019.

There are 2 ways you can submit an objection to Modification 8.

1. Send an email objecting to Wahroonga Estate Concept Plan MP07_0166 - MOD 8.


2. Submit an objection using the link to the IPC Webpage, you are able to attach files.

Link: Public Submissions

Screen Shot 2019-11-11 at 2.13.21 pm.png

Links Information Available

NSW Planning, Industry and Environment have written a Final Assessment Report recommending the increase in height and mass of Block A, B, C & E and the removal of Block D near the school.

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 6.38.57 am.png

MOD 8 -Increase In Size of Units

The building envelopes in 'Pink' are the unit size approved by MOD 5 back in 2014. Before anyone was aware of any proposed units.

The 'blue blocks' represent the increase in size of the 200 units just behind the Wahroonga Adventist School on Fox Valley Road that the Church is seeking approval for.

MOD 8 - Increase in Height 

MOD 8 - seeks to increase the Height of the 200 Units.

It is proposing not to use the Ku-ring-gai Councils LEP Height Controls of 20.5 metres for building A, B and C.

This is basically adding a 7th floor for roof top terraces and utilities.

The units will be 6 storeys high with an additional floor. The School on Fox Valley Road is only 4 storeys high.


Save our Suburb

What’s Happening? 

There are 500 units/dwellings proposed for the Wahroonga Estate - 288 units are to be built on Fox Valley Road!! There are 200 units  planned to be built in five high-rise blocks on Fox Valley Road behind and next door to Wahroonga Adventist School.

Also an additional 186 units for students and essential workers on the old Wahroonga School Site, a DA has been approved and work has already started on this site. On the old playground on the Comenarra Parkway.

Who’s Building Them? 

The South Pacific Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Why Should I Care? 

If you live in our beautiful area, traffic will be worse, and our local streetscape will change forever. The Seventh-day Adventist Church has become an entity unto itself with blatant disregard for the community and its own church congregations. These five buildings deny students at Wahroonga Adventist School to adequate grassed playing areas, and the school will never be able to grow or expand. This is just the tip of the iceberg, there are many more issues surrounding this development and much more development planned for the Wahroonga Estate. You must have a look at the Concept Plan to see all of the high density residential planned for Fox Valley Rd.

That’s Wrong, What Can I Do?

  • Tell your friends and neighbors what is happening on the Wahroonga Estate.

  • Join our Facebook Group we have 980 very concerned members. This page provides updates on the Wahroonga Estate, NSW Planning, Submissions required and Planning Meetings.

  • Email the Seventh-day Adventist Church Leaders, Local Council, and Members of Parliament (all email contacts are provided here).

  • Phone: Hon MP Alistair Henskens Office on 9487-8588.

  • Put up a sign or banner at your house or business. Email for further information.

  • Contact us if you would like any information, please don't hesitate to send us an email


The local Seventh-day Adventist church members are not responsible for the decision making regarding the 500 unit/houses  overdevelopment. Most of the decision makers do not live here. The local church members are also very concerned, and many are valuable members of our group. We are thankful for them!

SOS Suburb SIGN PS v2.jpg

Click on image to view all

Who We Are

SOS Wahroonga

SOS Wahroonga brings together all concerned about the 288 unit developments on Fox Valley Rd (adjacent to The SAN Hospital and across the road). There are 500 units/dwellings proposed for the Wahroonga Estate.


Our primary concerns include:

  • The incongruity of creating a mini-suburb of 500 units/houses setting a precedent for further high-rise development on Fox Valley Road.

  • The terrible impact this will have on traffic on already congested Fox Valley Road (and also Lucinda, Ada, and the Comenarra Parkway).

  • The literal ‘boxing in’ of Wahroonga Adventist School established 113 years ago, cutting a projected 800 students off from their only grassed play area, and making them cross a busy access road at recess and lunch. The apartment buildings will remove all possibility for any further school expansion, or a grassed full sized oval for over 800 school children.

  • The dangerous bushfire risks associated with adding hundreds of additional residents to the Wahroonga Estate who have limited road evacuation routes.

  • The special provisions given to the Seventh-day Adventist Church in 2010 allowing them to over-develop the Wahroonga Estate. This development completely conflicts with the local streetscape and area. They have not considered AT ALL the detrimental effects of this high-rise development on the local Wahroonga community, church congregations, or school community.​

The majority of the Board of the South Pacific Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church don't live in Wahroonga, so they don't care if they destroy our suburb. Because they don't live here! 


Please click on the 'Photo Gallery' button to see the impact on our local community.

Please click on the 'Impact to Our Suburb' button to learn about the devastating consequences this overdevelopment will have on our community.

Who to Email to Oppose the 500 Units/Houses

Members of Parliament

It is important to contact your local Members of Parliament at both a State and Federal Level

The Seventh-day Adventist Church

As a concerned citizen you need to let the Seventh-day Adventist Church know.

Ku-ring-gai Council

Email your views opposing the 200 units to Ku-ring-gai Council

Capital Bluestone

Voice your concerns to the profit driven Developers.

SOS Wahroonga Update 26th September 2019

The SOS Wahroonga Team are currently on a campaign sending emails to all Federal and NSW State Members of Parliament. We are raising our concerns about the planned 500 units on the Wahroonga Estate Site that were approved by in March 2010 by the Wahroonga Estate Concept Plan MP07_0166.

Our emails our raising our concerns regarding the following

  • Traffic congestion - the already congested Fox Valley Road and Comenarra Parkway

  • Bushfire risk - How will you evacuate the SAN Hospital, local Residents, School, Child-care Centres, Nursing Education Centre, Medial Suites, Churches, Administration Offices , Aged Care Facility, residences from 500 units andin the event of a bushfire emergency, residences from 105 units for workers accomodation, residences from 500 units and local business.

  • Lack of a full-size oval for the Wahroonga Adventist School, a tiny grassed space is totally insufficient for a school of 800 students. It will be physically and visibly detached from the school.



Contact SOS Wahroonga

Get in touch with SOS Wahroonga to learn more about the proposed development and how you can get involved. To contact us please use the form or email us directly.

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