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Bushfire Risk

A must watch video!

  • Video Channel 7 News - Flashback to the  bushfires that engulfed Sydney in 1994.

  • It is a reminder to us all that it can happen again, especially given the drought conditions we are facing this year.

The very real bushfire risk to our local community.

  • There are 350 residences (i.e. approximately 1000 residences) in an area zoned high fire risk zone by the Ku-ring-gai Council which have as their only exit point Fox Valley Rd where it meets with the Comenarra Parkway. They are surrounded by Lane Cove National Park.

  • The residential area bound by the Broadway, Seymour Close, Kiogle St, Moona Parade, Leuna Ave, Yannilla Ave, Morona Ave and Eurong Street which comprises approximately 350 houses is designated as a high fire risk zone by Kur-ring-gai Council. The development of high density units will create a significant safety hazard in the event of a bushfire. Adding to the traffic congestion and to the number of people needing to be evacuated.

  • Emergency vehicles and residents will be unable to enter or leave this area in case of a bushfire emergency due to the severe traffic congestion on Fox Valley Road and the Comenarra Parkway.

  • The SAN Hospital and Wahroonga Adventist School are special fire protection developments. In the event of a bushfire the evacuation of these two developments would also be seriously compromised by the residents living in these 200 units and by the increased traffic congestion.

  • Browns Rd and Lisa Valley Close would also be placed in a perilous position as they are also on the boundaries of the Lane Cove National Park. This area is also used as a staging post by emergency vehicles during bushfire emergencies. Exit from these roads can be very difficult given the number of homes involved, parking issues and the lack of traffic lights to enable unhindered access onto the Comenarra Parkway.

  • And there will also be....The SAN Park Way (60 medical suites) which will have 247+ car parks and there is also the approved childcare centre for 127 places. All situated on the Cnr of Fox Valley Rd and the Comenarra Parkway who will also need to be evacuated in a bushfire emergency....

  • KMC has continually raised grave concerns regarding the bushfire risks associated with the overdevelopment of the Wahroonga Estate....long before 2010.

  • Clark Tower at the SAN Hospital has flammable Cladding. It will be removed over a 12 month period, starting in November 2019. All of the yellow cladding is flammable.

KMC Bush Fire

Prone Land Map

Red Zone - Category 1 - Vegetation

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