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Lack of Car Parking on Wahroonga Estate

There is a major shortfall in parking on the Wahroonga Estate there is insufficient parking allocated to the major amenities on the site.

Due to the lack of public transport (no train station and only an hourly bus timetable during the day) to this precinct, staff, visitors and patients ALL drive to the Wahroonga Estate and need parking.

The 200 units are being built on the temporary carpark that is located behind the Wahroonga Adventist School. However, there are 100+ cars parking there on a daily basis for free. These cars will then be forced to park on already congested local streets if they wish to avoid hospital car parking rates.

The new development proposal does NOT include enough parking for the churches located on the Estate.

  • Wahroonga Adventist Church which has the capacity for 1200 people ONLY has 75 car parks.

  • The Fox Valley Community Centre has the capacity for 500 people however it has ONLY 11 car parks.

The SAN hospital carpark has the capacity for the requirements of a hospital operating 24/7.

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Wahroonga Adventist Church_edited.jpg
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