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Environmental Impact

  • Located behind the Wahroonga Adventist School is Coups Creek - The Sydney Turpentine – Iron Bark forest which is an Endangered Ecological Community (EEC) and is listed as an EEC under the Threatened Species Conservation Act (1995).


  • Coups Creek is also protected as an Ecological Community under s266B of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.


  • There will be increased pollution and storm water run off due to the overdevelopment of the site with 200 units and their residents. There will be increased visitors for recreational purposes destroying this fragile bushland area. This area needs to be kept in pristine condition as Coups Creek flows into the Lane Cove River.

  • The Powerful Owl Project monitors and studies the Powerful Owls (ninox strenva) located in Coups Creek and Lane Cover National Park. Powerful Owls are a threatened species, and it is Australia’s largest Owl.

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