Wahroonga Estate Concept Plan
Wahroonga Estate Concept Plan - proposed 200 unit development.
Footprint of Blocks of Units
Photos taken from a drone from location 1, 2, 3 & 4.
View from 6th Floor - Block A
Picture taken from a drone at the height of the 6th floor of Block A of the units.
View from SE Corner Block A
View from B Block
View from B Block - 6th Floor
View from the 6th floor window over the astro turf of the middle school.
Less than 1/2 Soccer Field
Only turfed greenspace
The tiny green space will not be able to be seen by students of school. Views from the school of Coups Creek will be completely blocked by the units.
30m X 65M Turfed Space
The only turfed space is smaller than the field size required for touch football and 7 a side soccer.
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Unit Blocks Impacting Churches
The unit blocks will significantly impact churches - lack of car parking, sold to private residents who will have noise complaints regarding church activities.
Location of 200 Units
Unit Block A B & C which will be 6 storeys high will be built on the temporary carpark
Wahroonga Adventist Church
Seats 1000+ people will only have 75 carparks (90 carpark short!) The congregation will have nowhere to park other than on local streets.
Wahroonga Adventist Church Carpark
A picture taken of the carpark at the rear of the church on Fox Valley Rd.
Fox Valley Community Church
The Fox Valley Community Church has only 11 carparks, however it can sit 500 people.
Fox Valley Community Church
This carpark will be home to Block A, overshadowing both churches and the school.
Traffic Congestion on Fox Valley Roa
Traffic on Fox Valley Rd is a nightmare already. A another set off traffic lights is planned at the access of the 200 units.
Fox Valley Road
Daily traffic congestion on Fox Valley Road.
Comenarra parkway
Traffic Congestion on the single lanes Comenarra Parkway.
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Resident Banner - FVR
Community Protest - Cnr of Fox Valley Road & Strone Ave Wahroonga
No Longer Weet-Bix Kids
Save Our Sports Fields
Street Banner on Fox Valley Road
Ada Ave
Residents displaying Large Banners on their Private Private properties.
Adventi$t E$tate
Hold Adventist Management Accountable
Resident Protest
Large Protest Banners displayed at private residences throughout the suburb.
Sign Placed in Front of SPD HQ
Community members strongly protesting against the South Pacific Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
Save Our Suburb
Telegraph Posters - Save Our Suburb.
Save Our School Banner on Fox Valley Road.
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Protest Banner
Locals speak out. This is protest banner at the Corner of Ada Ave and Fox Valley Road Wahroonga
Locals Object
Locals Object to the SPD and Developer greed!
More Banners Display what the community thinks of the SPD's Actions - Disgusting!
Handwritten Posters
Adventists Don't Care for the Community.

Is this message the Adventist Church wants to present to the community??
Bumper Stickers
Parents and Locals display Bumper Stickers in protest of this Development
Neighbourhood Protest
Locals Making their voices Heard Loud and Clear
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    Fox Valley Community Church

    This carpark will be home to Block A, overshadowing both churches and the school.