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Issues of concern to raise in your complaint letters

  • Impact to traffic and parking in the area, particularly on Fox Valley Rd, Comenarra Parkway, Ada Avenue and Lucinda Avenue. 

  • Outdated traffic studies being used in the DA Submission. Need to factor in the expansion of the hospital, chool, child care centers and other developments in the area. 

  • Building Design - South facing orientation is not desirable for residents of the proposed apartments

  • The significant impact to the two SDA churchs and where the congregation will park and the potential for noise complaints from the residents that will impact the Wahroonga Adventist School and the current function of the churches.

  • Building heights and footprints do not comply with Council DCP.

  • Impact to the Wahroonga Adventist School including the land locking of the school.

  • Safety of the children and the right for the students to access a full size oval.

  • Outdated Stormwater Management and Drainage data being used. 

  • Concerns re bushfire and evacuation processes.

  • Lack of access to public transport to the area.

  • Bicycle and pedestrian safety.

  • Impact to natural environment and protected areas.

  • Negative impact on housing prices in the immediate area.

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