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Traffic Congestion

  • Traffic congestion is currently untenable on Fox Valley Rd, Comenarra Parkway, Ada Ave & Lucinda Ave. The surrounding local streets are used by commuters as ‘Rat Runs’ to avoid these bottle necks, and are now bumper to bumper at peak times as well.

  • There is NO train line to The SAN hospital (like all other major hospitals in Sydney), so the only public transport available to and from this site is via a limited bus service.

  • Traffic congestion is high in this area with limited public transport to the hospital, so most accessing these facilities drive.

  • The Wahroonga Estate is located in an area accessible only by single lane residential roads, wedged between Pennant Hills Rd, Pacific Hwy and the M1 - so any accident absolutely grid locks this precinct.

  • The proposed fixing and widening of the Comenarra Parkway and Fox Valley Road, will do little to alleviate the traffic congestion along these roads as they are both remaining as single lane. Eventhough, the Wahroonga Estate Concept Plan requires the Seventh-day Adventist Church to widen FVR to 2 lanes from the Commenarra Parkway to the Pacific Highway at their cost.

  • There is an additional set of traffic lights proposed at the entrance to the Wahroonga Adventist School and the 200 units. These lights will not be timed with the lights at the SAN as they will operate based on when people are leaving the school.


Outdated Traffic Reports

  • The original traffic studies submitted to NSW Planning & environment for the modification to the Concept Plan were collected in 2012 and are now 6 years old. They are being relied on for predicted traffic counts, parking and vehicular movements in and around the site. These traffic studies do not take into consideration the following developments.

    • Over 1000 additional units in residential developments have been approved in the Thornleigh and Wahroonga area. Most notably along the Pacific Highway and Pennant Hills Rd.

    • The recent expansion of the SAN Hospital which is manned by 2400 staff, 460 volunteers, and 1100 medical officers. This adds up to 58,000 inpatients annually and 125,000 outpatients annually using our local streets to get to the hospital.

    • The soon-to-be-completed SAN Parkway which will include 60 medical suites and 247 car spaces with only 10% of these car spaces dedicated for visitor use. 

    • The completion of the Wahroonga Adventist School with 800 students.

    • The KMC approved Child Care Centre with 127 places on the corner of Fox Valley Rd and the Comenarra Parkway. 

    • The expansions of Knox and Abbotsleigh over recent years.

There needs to be new traffic reports to be done to take into account all of the above developments, before any future developments on Fox Valley Road are approved.

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