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Wahroonga Adventist School

Wahroonga Adventist School

WAS was established 113 years ago at the rear of The SAN Hospital. The school needs the grounds and playing fields adjoining its buildings so that it can flourish for another 100 years. The current design landlocks the school and cuts short its huge potential for expansion of nurturing, quality and wholistic education. 

The short sighted residential development will adversely impact future generations of children.


Sporting Facilities Needed for School.

  • The only turfed play space is 30 m X 65 m which is totally insufficient for a school with 800 students from Prep – Year 12. It will have the capacity for 1050 students.

  • The school needs an adjoining full size oval suitable for competition sport such as cricket, soccer, AFL, rugby, hockey and NRL. 

  • NSW Football – recommends that field dimensions are 105 metres X 68 Metres. With 3 m to 5m buffer zones for sidelines and goals.

  • Touch Football – dimensions are 70 m X 50m .

  • The Northern Sydney Region Organisation of Councils has reported that the North Shore will need an additional 120 ovals by 2036 due to expected population growth.

Unsafe Access 

  • A full sized oval needs to be located adjoining school buildings, NOT on the other side of a residential development. Lack of physical access to oval during lunch, recess and PDHPE.

  • Students will be required to walk down busy Fox Valley Road to access their only turfed space. Supervision nightmare for teachers when moving large numbers of students some as young as 4 years old.

  • There will be major ongoing safety issues as the school will be literally surrounded by ongoing construction of large multistorey buildings. Blocking access to their only turfed green space.

Unable to View Turfed Green Space 

  • The proposed blocks of units will block all views of green space and bushland. No visual corridor has been provided, so that the students can see their greenspace.



  • The students will be exposed to dust and construction noise, causing significant disrupt to their studies for many years to come. Impacting their well-being, learning outcomes and anxiety levels.

Lack of Privacy

  • Two of the large blocks are located 6 metres from the boundary of the school fence and will be taller the than the existing school buildings. This raises a range of privacy issues as residents will be able to view down into the schools play spaces and class rooms below. Vulnerable children will be exposed to being filmed and photographed.

  • Lack of privacy for both teachers and students - being watched or filmed by residents.


  • The 200 apartments are housed in buildings which are 20.5m high, while the school is only height 14.5 m. The apartments will be 1 full floor higher than the school.

  • The shadow of the proposed buildings deprives the school grounds of daylight and essential Vitamin D needed by children for health growth. The children will always be in the shade, and surrounded by depressing concrete structures.

School Football Field Overlay_edited.png
School Football Field Overlay_edited.png
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